Sunday, July 11, 2010

Alfonzo's Ride

My friend Alfonzo had asked me to take a picture of his Modified Nissan 240SX about a month and a half ago. I was taking a comfortable dip in the well of procrastination when my conscience finally pushed me to just go out and do the shoot. I gave Alfonzo a call to see if he was free and he came right over. I had spotted this location a few nights earlier and thought it looked pretty cool, we set up in no time at all but due to the sun only going down at 9:30 PM our poor planning made us wait for about two hours before we could start shooting, eventually the sun dipped down behind the mountains and we shot the image below. (be sure to listen to the audio and to enter the competition near the bottom of the page).

 - Alfonzo and His Modified Nissan 240SX, Vancouver, 2010. (Details Below)
- Behind the Scenes: Engine Troubles, Vancouver, 2010.
- Alfonzo (and I), waiting for the sun to go down, Vancouver, 2010.
  - Follow Alfonzo and I as we drop off a package at the Fairmont Hotel, Listen to the clip below.

- Alfonzo and Myself drop off a mystery package at the Fairmont Hotel in his Nissan 240SX, Vancouver (09:30 min, Please use headphones where possible), 2010

*Who wants to win the mysterious mystery prize? Post a comment with your guess of what was in the mystery package that was delivered in the audio clip above.. and I will mail you something rather intriguing.. I won't say what the winning criteria are but everyone gets two guesses. good luck!

1990 Nissan 240sx Specifications/Modifications

Engine (ka24et):

Garret t25 Turbo
Gladman Manifold
FMIC (front mount intercooler)
2.5`` Intercooler Piping
2.5" custom downpipe
3" Stainless Catback Exhaust
SAFC Neo Fuel Managment/Tuning (Car was Dyno Tuned at Racing Greed)
Bosch diverter valve
Methanol Injection System, mounted in the trunk (works during boost)

New Non Turbo Parts:

Timing Chain done 5000kms ago.
New Slave Cylinder
New Brake Master Cylinder.

Suspension, Brakes and Wheels:

Eibach Proline Lowering Spring.
Sportmaxx 962's 17x9 all around gunmetal
Rims wrapped in Sumo Firenza Streched Tires. Lots of Tread left.
25mm spacers all around.
Hawk HP Brake pads


180sx style sideskirts
Chuki front bumper
Bings lip 


Both passenger and drivers F1 spec fiberglass bucket seats.
Short shifter
Momo Replica Steering Wheel
carbon fiber b&M shift knob
Boost , Oil pressure, and Wideband (Air Fuel Ratio) Gauges all on drivers side pillar. All autometer gauges.

And special thanks to Kevin Roberts of Vast Avengers Pictures for loaning me his Canon 17-40mm lens.

The End.


David said...

nice one... my mate Ryan had the 300-ZX Nissan of the same era. What a car to drive...

Were you dropping off Flyers / posters for a gig? :-)

Andrew said...

That audio file didn't help for shit Shaun! All i heard was Engine and keys clanking on the steering column. Also some strange beeping which lasted the entire trip. No hints to what the package is >:(

Also that was possibly the quietest drive ever! Are you two not friends? did you have a quarrel before the trip? who had to sleep on the couch?

all that aside. I'm going to guess that the package contained either the entire Baywatch series or Night Rider the original series. Maybe a Baywatch/Night Rider signed poster of the Hoff?

Shaun Stander said...

haha, we didn't talk because I wanted to get a clean recording of the sound the car makes when you drive it. That beeping sound is his radar detector. keep going.

Vast Avenger said...

Well, I believe it was something in a paper bag, so obviously it has to be bagels.

Jaco said...

It does smell of an old classic GTA mission, the original top-view version. But alas if i guess u guys we're on a 'hit' or 'delivery' u won't be able say so.

So i'll just skip the guess and ask for my present, a model car version of the Beast of an automobile! thanks shaun, your're the best!\


Shaun Stander said...

Ok.. I'd have to say Andrew takes it. Not quite on the money but it was close enough as it was Hoff related. You see David was squeezing into his leather jeans for a Baywatch fan club autograph session when there was a terrible mishap with his zipper and his "you know what". So KITT was bringing him a Leather-Jean-Compatible-Ice-Pack (TM, Patents Pending All Rights Reserved). So keep an eye on your mailbox, somethings coming your way. Well done everyone who entered.

(PS. Message me your mailbox)