Sunday, June 20, 2010

Leaving LCD

On a wet but sunny Vancouver afternoon (May 30th 2010 to be precise) the American group LCD Soundsystem played a show in the Stanley Park's Malkin Bowl. The tickets were priced at around forty five dollars a piece, but fortunately for us the Malkin Bowl is nothing more than a fenced off open aired piece of lawn with a stage at one end. Which meant that even if you didn't have a ticket you could still listen to the show. By the time I had arrived, LCD was already in full swing playing songs off their new album "This Is Happening" as well as some of their older songs, the atmosphere on my side of the fence was quite festive with loads of people just hanging out, enjoying the music as well as the late afternoon glow. I enjoyed most of the set but left early. Heres the recording.

- LCD Soundsystem / All My Friends, Leaving the Malkin Bowl, Stanley Park , Vancouver (08:48 min) Please use headphones where possible, 2010

The End.

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