Sunday, October 10, 2010

No Skateboarding

I've started a new blog thats all about "NO SKATEBOADING" signs (you can subscribe/bookmark it at, since I first began Skateboarding I have seen hundreds upon hundreds of these signs trying to deter skateboarders from riding in, outside or even near certain business's and insitutions. They are pretty much some of the most pointless signs in the world (Skaterboarders really get great pleasure from blindly obeying signs) I've always wanted to start a collection but never actually did anything about it.. till now, my goal is to accumilate the worlds largest collection of these informative gems, and I need your help! Whenever you spot a "NO SKATEBOARDING" sign or logo just take a picture with your phone or whatever camera you have on you at the time and email it to me straight away. The quality of the image doesn't matter but what is important is that they need to be completely un-edited, just include the loctaion (business, school, city, town, country or whatever) and/or any other information or comments you would like to add.

You can email photos to:
..or use the "Post Your Signs" link on the blog page.

Thanks for your help team.

The End.