Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hobos Just Wanna Have Fun

This past Saturday night was the second annual Hobo Hoedown which was held at an undisclosed open air location. It seemed to me to be the wrong side of the tracks near Main Street and Second Avenue. Moonshine, baked beans and old sandwiches were in good supply which lead to a rather festive mood among the wayward travelers. There were a few train hoppin' musicians among the lot, Shiloh Lindsey, The Moonshine Express, Shirley Gnome & Her Gnomes to name a few. Luckily I had my recorder and microphone on hand and managed to capture Jarred Greff and The Johnnie Ninety-Nine Hillbilly Alumni Orkestar performing a few numbers for their peers.. (please use headphones where possible)

- Sound Check (04:42 min) 2010

- "A song about not having money and trying to be in love with people who do have money" A Dollar or Two (06:18 min) 2010

- Track 02 (03:14 min) 2010

- Another Sound Check (03:44 min) 2010

- Track 03 (04:15 min) 2010

  - I didn't shoot any pictures that night, but heres a shot of Jarred playing him and his brother Scott's prized mandolin, the same mandolin in the show, Vancouver, 2009

Details: Recorded with a Marantz PMD661 and an AT8022 Stereo Microphone.

The End.

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