Saturday, June 19, 2010

Breaking Things with Trevor

There's something quite cool about taking a picture of something and then immediately afterward, completely and utterly destroying it. Its like saying .."don't worry, it doesn't matter if you're no longer here, I have a picture, you will be remembered.. your memory is enduring. You can go now..". Some of you may recall the shots I took of a Dolly Parton 8-Track and a Screeching Weasel Cassette Tape about a month or so ago. But what I didn't mention previously is that my younger brother Trevor was visiting me at the time and we decided that these artifacts had finally fulfilled their usefulness. We laid them on the road, waiting patiently for a vehicle to run them over. It only took about four or so minutes before a chocolate brown panel van did a nice job of crushing them. The cheap plastic and thin metal popped and cracked as the heavy vehicle passed over top. We made a brief inspection of the remains as wind threatened to blow them away, Trevor decided that the job wasn't quite done yet and made a second pass with his '95 Subaru. The results are below.

-  Trevor, Vancouver, 2010.
- Vancouver, 2010.
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The End.

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