Sunday, August 7, 2011


So here I sit, 10:15 A.M., a little tired and squinting in the sharp Las Vegas sunlight. My plane will be boarding in the next few minutes, its time to go home. I've recorded, filmed and photographed and most importantly experienced the Western Half of the United States for last two months. Its interesting to try and piece it all together in your head, I think about the people I met, the things I saw and experienced, its very difficult to put into words. But then thats why I love doing what I do, I don't really have to..

- Louise picking up Shells in Buckeye, Arizona (Please use headphones when possible) 2011.

 - COMING SOON, 14 of the 18 rolls of Film that I shot, 2011.

The End.

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luan said...

It must have been a great experience there. But its still great to rest in your own home after some tired days.
Thanks for sharing this.

Claudia from guitare enfant