Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Western Half

As some of you know, I am currently on a documentary road trip working with my friend and rival Chris Saunders. We are following Jon Beeby who has decided to walk across the United States to raise £100,000 for the TAG Rugby Trust in Africa. We are basically spending the next two months in a camper van driving 10 miles at a time till we get to the end of the Santa Monica pier. I arrived in Oklahoma City late last Thursday night and since then we have slowly made our way West into the small Texan town of White Deer.

- Two Dollars, "Nine Mile Cafe" just over the Oklahoma/Texan Border, 2011.
The trip has already been filled some great moments and people. Other than the project of documenting Jon, I will also be scratching beneath the American surface, photographing on my non digital Leica's as well exploring the sounds of this place with a portable field recorder. The only problem with shooting film is that its going to be tough to show you anything till I get back and get it all processed. But every now and again I'll snatch up Chris's 5D and shoot an image for you. Its been great being on the road sleeping wherever that 40 mile mark is, looking up at the stars at night and starring face to face of whats become of the American Dream during the day. I hope you find what I put up interesting and you can be sure that when I get back there will be a whole lot more to come, till the pay special attention to the audio content since it will pair up with the images to come. Adios from Texas.

- My Leica M6 & M4-P, Near Wheeler Texas, Photograph: Chris Saunders, 2011.
- Chris Blogging it up, White Deer, 2011.
The End.


Anonymous said...

hey its roland we met last night in white deer and i couldnt find anymore pictures or our interview

Shaun Stander said...

Hey Roland! Sometimes I post stuff a little later.. it'll be up pretty soon.