Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hunting Cicadas

I've always loved the sound of Cicada's. Whenever I hear them I think of calm summer days, I always get relaxed and in a good mood. We were about half way between Conchas Lake and Las Vegas, New Mexico when I found a quiet section of road with a good Cicada population and I figured I'd hunt one down and record it up close. For anyone who hasn't heard a Cicada they make this buzzing or hissing sound by vibrating their membranes on their abdomens. Its only the male Cicadas that do this to attract a females after spending a couple years underground developing. There are some species such as the Seventeen Year Cicada that spend.. well.. seventeen years underground, yikes! When they're ready they leave the underground scene and go up and make some noise for the general population above, respect. Anyway this isn't National Geographic.

- Hunting Cicada's in New Mexico, (Please use headphones where possible) June 28th 2011.

Recorded with a Marantz PMD661 & Rode NTG-1. 

The End.

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Jhermyn said...

Do you know what does Conchas means?
I tried looking at google if there's a picture of this lake but all I saw was sea shells.

Jhermyn from location machine à bière