Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Archive #2 George Kavanagh

In early April 2008 I was fortunate enough to have been contracted to do digital operation job with extremely talented George Kavanagh on a shoot for Miele appliances. Our location: the Dolomites in the Italian Alps (the same location used in the feature film "Cliffhanger" starring Sylvester Stallone.. woop!). We spent three days in the small town Cortina mostly eating fine Italian food and waiting for the weather to clear, eventually we got the bright skies we were after and we completed the shoot. We then returned to London after a short stop in Venice (I know, we sound like movie stars.. double woop!) where I spent the remainder of my time visiting with friends and exploring the city before returning home to South Africa. Here are a few images from my time in London as well as Cortina that I shot with my then newly acquired Leica M6.

 - Man on Oxford Street, London, 2008.
 - Budweiser in a fountain, Corner of Oxford Street & Tottenham Court Rd, 2008.
 - Woman on her phone, Newsstand, London, 2008.
- Woman on the bus, On my way to Bournemouth to visit Tara, 2008.
 - Oxford Street, London, 2008
 - Cortina, Italy, 2008.
 - Cortina, Italy, 2008.
 - Snow covered pines, Cortina, Italy, 2008.

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Jaco said...

I like the Budweiser pic the most...great colors in general...

Chris Saunders said...

I remember these. Hahaha. So good to see you rehashed the memory. Great images. I live really close to the Dolomites and can see them everyday while walk to Fabrica. Should send you a pic of the view sometime.