Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Website Is Up!

Hey all, Thanks to the help of explorer and avid adventurer Darcy Chapchuk, I now have a website up and running,, it features a collection the last few years worth of my photographic work. We did our best to divide the images into sensible and reasonable categories.. did we fail to succeed or simply succeed to fail, I'm not really sure (let me know?). Our next task is to do a rather extensive update and to add thumbnails that allow easier navigation but at the same time don't distract from the images.. wish us luck.

- Darcy Chapchuk, 2005

"Its about crisp sheets of pure white paper, slightly used tin foil and sun burn. Hazel eyes, board games and finger tips. Insulting the clerk. Forgetting your wallet on the counter. Its taking things into  your own hands, Its fake snakes, cartons of milk and fleshly cut flowers"
The End.

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