Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Instrumental Love

Late in 2009 I took my first steps into written journalism by writing and shooting a feature for CiTR’s Discorder Magazine. I pitched a piece to the editor in chief, Jordie Yow, entitled “Instrumental Love“. I was trying to find an interesting topic that steered clear of more standard music journalism and was something that was more accessible and interesting to someone who wasn’t necessarily and music nut. Since I had been a bit of a photographic “gear head” for a while, I figured that musicians would not be dissimilar in their feelings and emotions towards their tools of creation. I set out to document this dynamic with four of Vancouver’s artists. The first installment received tremendous positive feedback, enough that it has now been added as a regular feature in the magazine. The second installment was completed with help of Journalist and regular Discorder contributor Dan Fumano. Thanks to all the artists who helped..
“The relationship between musicians and their gear is a curious one. Some relationships are cinematic love stories while others develop a little more awkwardly. However awkward or romantic the connection is, the fact is, it’s a necessary and fundamental arrangement for the creation of music. I spent some time with a few of Vancouver’s forthcoming artists and explored their unique love, distaste and passion for all things instrumental.” – Excerpt from the introductory paragraph.

Discorder Magazine, October Issue 2009

Full Instrumental Love article can be read HERE.
Additional Intrumental Love for Bison BC, Fine Mist and MT-40.
Artist featured thus far include:
PrOphecy Sun
Ryan McCormick of Collapsing Opposites
Bruce Ledingham of Red Cedar
Jarred Greff of The Greff Band
Jay Arner of Fine Mist
Dan And of Bison BC 

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