Friday, January 27, 2012


Its about cans of coke warming in the sun, busted headlights and pin-ups in the locker room. Green eyes, dirty neon golf balls and infomercials. Its having one more cup of coffee. Burnt out light bulbs, laptops and phone books. Its about listening to the air conditioning in the dark.


Sasha M Hitchner said...

Your photography always tells stories - Love them! Thank you for posting them up.

Elaine Sargeant said...

Beautiful! I can see you in your pictures more and more - I guess that means you have style : ) Elephant Shoe!

luan said...

Very nice shots.
Some photos reminds me of the movie "The hills have eyes" and also "Texas Massacre".
Post more! I love them all.

Kath from brassière bébé