Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Want to Go Home

This is the first music video that I've had the opportunity to Direct and Shoot, "I Want to Go Home" by The Greff Band off their really inspiring new album "Someone, Somewhere, Somehow". It was a ton of fun to shoot I just want to say thanks to Jarred and Scott for being cool and especially to Arrow and Jordyn for working so hard. Enjoy!

1st Assistant Director: Florent Paret, Daniel Parsons
Cinematography: Shaun Stander
Editing: Shaun Stander & Renico Van Wyk
1st Assistant Camera: Renico Van Wyk
Location Manager: Florent Paret
Assistant Location Manager / Key Grip: Ryan Stander
Gaffer: Damon Evans
Stills Photography: Charlotte Houang
Make Up Artist: Contance Chiang
Costumes Designer: Dana Spittal
Additional Styling and Props: Jarred & Scott Greff

The End.


Gerhard van Wyk said...

Shaun jou bliksem, dis awesome!

Sasha said...

Stanley Banks! I am so proud of you. When are you making your first movie? Well done. Love it. Miss you madly! When I saw the notification come up at the bottom of my screen I got excited - I thought you wanted to come home. Oh well.

Jan said...

Great vid Shauno! still love the Pomegranate scene! Kind of catches one by surprise, love it!

Emily said...

I really wanted to get a copy of their album. I can't wait for their next album. Thanks for sharing!

Emily from pâte à pain