Sunday, May 9, 2010

Good Kids

I sometimes end up with what I call "Orphan Images", photographs I simply shot without any greater series or specific application in mind, they don't particularly fit in with any of my current projects I have going on, they are simply pictures of things & places that caught my eye. So here they are a few for you, hopefully you'll take a liking to 'em, what they need most is a safe home and a little love in this cold cold world. Do the right thing.

 - Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge, North Vancouver, 2009
 - Shannon Falls (Near Squamish), 2009
 - Charlotte, Shannon Falls (Near Squamish), 2009
 - Squamish, 2010
 - Man walking his dogs, Merrit BC, 2010
- Part of the 7821 Km Trans-Canadian Highway, BC, 2010
 - Tow-Truck Snow Chains, Trans-Canadian Highway, BC, 2010

The End.

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