Monday, April 5, 2010

Trapped Flies

My younger brother Ryan and I took the ferry over to Nanaimo which is a small city along the the east coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The trip out there was pretty fun simply because Ryan had never been to the Island and I was showing him around (he was going to be staying for about 2 weeks, I was returning to Vancouver the same day). I managed to shoot a few photographs while we were on the ferry but the weather turned bad just as we arrived at Departure Bay (the ferry terminal when traveling to Nanaimo). Not all was lost, we did still manage to find a place that served heaped plates of scrambled eggs, sausages, toast and bacon for only $4 and free pool.. oh yeah!! We hung out for a couple hours and then I had to head back.

A few days later my friend Erin, Charlotte and Myself took a drive out to Squamish which is approximately halfway between Vancouver and Whistler. We spent most of the day exploring & pouring through thrift stores, picking up a few loose pins and badges as well as an awesome chair from the Seventies. In the afternoon we made a stop at the West Coast Railway Park which is a great spot even if you're only remotely interested in trains. A couple days before this trip I had also acquired my stereo field recorder. So I've attached some of the recordings of the day (*Note, there are audio clips between the photographs)

- Charlotte laughing about the fake real cat in the Thrift Store (00:25 min, Please use headphones where possible), 2010

-Ryan, 2010
 -Ryan, 2010
 -Nanaimo Labour Union, Nanaimo 2010
 - Thrift Store, Squamish 2010

- Searching for pins (03:47 min, Please use headphones where possible), 2010

 - West Coast Railway Heritage Park, Model display, Squamish 2010
- Flies trapped behind the windows of a decommissioned train (01:02 min, Please use headphones where possible), 2010

 - Erin, Squamish 2010

The End.

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Chris Saunders said...

Hey man. Your blog is looking amazing. Always some what envious of your great taste and good ideas... What did you record the sound clips with on your blog, they sound great! Chris